When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments; tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become.
~Louis Pasteur

The hauntingly beautiful words in the song “The Children are our Future” remind us of our commitment to work with children and their families as they struggle to find their way with a complicated world. Several of our therapists have the special training to work with young children/adolescents through play therapy. Specifically trained clinicians also work with therapeutic sand trays to assist children in expressing their feelings.  As the kids play with dolls, paint and draw, use puppets or other games, they family-picture-istock_000006638550large-950x431are often able to act our their fears and concerns.  Laila Hull and Stacey Staback are two experts in interpreting a child’s attempt to tell us “where it hurts.”

Last week a mom stopped one of our therapists in the supermarket to boast about her teenage daughter who, recently, had the lead in her school play. This young woman had been chronically shy and filled with anxiety just a few years ago when her mom brought her in to work with the CCHD. We don’t always hear the results of the hard work that goes on at CCHD, but encounters like this one are what make us feel so motivated and inspired.

Of course, we’re not magicians either and not every story is a success story. Yet, when kids and teenagers are involved, there is so much more at stake as they struggle to find their way. Peer pressure, family chaos, bullying, abuse, the temptations of drugs and alcohol are formidable obstacles. We are dedicated to helping children and their families.

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According to national research presented by FBI agent, Bill Tonkin, on the Union County Committee Against Hate Forum on Bullying last week, 160,000 students stay home from school every day to avoid being bullied. The same research also reveals that 60% of middle school students disclose being victims of bullying while teachers believe only 20% of students are bullied. read article >>

CCHD_pics0004Laila Hull listens intently while a college student talks about his fears.