The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.  ~Horace Bushnell

istock_000016207864small-24348450d67f316e000309b4cb7d03e103df4b54-s6-c10A young man approaches me in our parking lot and asks ” Are you Linda Van Fossen?” He introduces himself and explains that he just wants to thank me and tell me how grateful he is for his therapist and the work they are doing together. As I walk into our office, my step is light, a smile on my face.

All kinds of people come to the CCHD – hurting, frightened, angry, sad, and confused needing a safe place to talk. Sometimes they come to try to understand panic so severe it feels like a heart attack or depression so powerful it feels like 1000 lbs. of weight.

In an atmosphere of quiet privacy and respect, people struggle with issues that may feel overwhelming. The trained and experienced therapists at CCHD offer unconditional positive regard and a safe non-judgmental place to work on the most intimate problems.