Workshop Descriptions


It’s never too late to be what you might have been ~George Eliot

Adolescent Sexual Identity – Approximately 1 ½ Hours
This enlightening workshop delineates the stages of adolescence and the developmental tasks of each stage. Looking at the adolescents’ struggle into adulthood through an empathetic lens that explores both the physical, psychological, and sexual and emotional aspects, this workshop has been particularly helpful for parents and educators.

outsideAging and Saging – 1 ½ to 6 hours
This unique workshop may be presented as a series or as one training which offers experiential exercises, as well as, specific information regarding community resources, legalities including wills, etc. and spiritful philosophies as we approach this passage.

Child Abuse – 1 ½ Hours
This important training focuses on the symptoms, incidence, and effects of child abuse throughout the life span. We look at the devastating results of child abuse and attempt to develop strategies to identify children at risk and adults who may be continuing to suffer the pain. Appropriate for parents, educators, and professionals in human services.

Communication Workshop – 3 Hours
This experiential workshop focuses on improving basic communication skills by increasing awareness of our own patterns and teaching more effective methods of expression. Written exercises and role-plays are utilized to help participants begin to incorporate new skills. Training also offers a section on negotiating if required. Appropriate for business, educators, and families.

Coping with Loss/The Grieving Process
Each of us experiences loss differently—and sometimes feel hopeless. This workshop, which can be tailored especially for certain groups, including children and educators, helps to identify the passages of grief, normalizes our personal experiences and offers insightful and empathic suggestions.

Dating/Domestic Violence – Approximately 1 ½ Hours
Linda Van Fossen, a certified domestic violence specialist, presents this informative workshop. She focuses on the dynamics of an abusive relationship, identifying causes, behaviors, and interventions. For professionals, Ms. Van Fossen includes types of questions to ask and treatment modalities. This workshop is appropriate for professionals in the helping or law enforcement fields, students, and educators

From Your Head to Your Heart – Living a Life of passion 1 ½ Hours
Our Life Empowerment Coach presents this informative workshop. He focuses on improving your internal communication skills to help you make better decisions, increase your self-esteem, and enhance your relationship with yourself and with others. This is an interactive workshop; exercises are used to help participants find ways to connect with their heart.

Gay and Lesbian Issues during Adolescence
This training delineates the stages of coming out, explores the “causes” of homosexuality, and begins to develop a protocol for educators to assist students and their families in the process. By increasing the understanding and knowledge, we hope to alleviate and reduce the stigma associated with homosexuality and thereby reduce the young person’s suffering and potential for suicide.

Parenting Seminars – 2 Hours to 8 Hours
This subject is frequently especially tailored for particular groups. The Ten Commandments of Parenting has been presented to religious groups, while the Stress of Parenting has been well received by other parent groups. In each instance, an attempt is made to target the age group of the children and particular concerns of the audience.

Sexual Harassment/Diversity Training – 2 ½ Hours to 6 Hours
This informative and hands-on training begins with an interesting and provocative assessment to determine the current knowledge level of the group. This discussion is followed by an explanation of the current legal restrictions and requirements. Experimental exercises, as well as a video, are used to help participants begin to integrate changing beliefs and new ways of interacting. Appropriate for business, law-enforcement, and educators.

Stress Management
Obviously much needed in today’s chaotic world, this workshop identifies stress and the physical/psychological symptoms. Participants have the opportunity to individually assess their own stress levels. Then, helpful methods to reduce and control stress symptoms are introduced. Additionally, participants are taught basic deep breathing, stretching, creative visualization, and relaxation exercises. Appropriate for any group.